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Why Fall Is

Are we like leaves when
in spring lovely and odd,
then all summer sun sweet;
but come fall, do we dread
to let go . . . become sod?
Rejoice! for the life, there, to greet.

Who is our life, then,
to whom we give nod?
Who satisfies our needs?
Whose life is surely hid
with Christ in God? . . .
as He lives and breathes.

What we do for Him
. . . it really matters not;
though if His Spirit has released
a dream, a nudge, a wind
quickening the thought,
may He all in all complete.

We should let Him do when
and always what He wants:
This we can do, believe.
Let life go to thy Friend,
who lifts up where thou fallest . . .
no breath for His breath, sweet.

Copyright (c) August 30, 2008 – Linda L. Brown

For it is God which worketh in you
both to will and to do of his good pleasure.
Philippians 2:13

Major W. Ian Thomas (1914–2007), Christian speaker and author, once commented about his Christian life indicating his contentment to vacate so God could occupy . . . I vacate, God occupies; I vacate, God occupies. Pretty soon my life will be just one long vacation!

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